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Actor's Showreel

At AdDiction Media, we understand an actor’s need for a professional showreel. These are essential for many first auditions now in the digital age.


Along with our Showreel Editing service, we offer the service of filming new footage for your showreel. 


If you have an existing script(s) of 1-3 minutes in length, we will have an initial consultation session to plan the shoot. For the shoot, we provide a cameraman equipped with 4K/HD camera, and a sound operator with high quality microphone. We also have a large studio space if a venue is required.


The shoot will last 2 hours per script (1-3 minutes of content). It will then be treated in post production, including addition of music and sound effects, beginning and end credits. The final scene will then be added to your new or existing showreel.


If you do not have a script, we have experience writing scripts and can provide a custom written script that suits your acting style. After a consultation session with you, the final script will be 1-3 minutes in length and in the genre/style of your choice. The script will be completed within 5 working days, and we can then proceed to the consultation session mentioned above.


If you want to collaborate with another actor for this service, the price remains the same and you can split the fee. 

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