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Actor's Voicereel

At AdDiction Media, we offer services to record voice reels for actors. A professionally recorded voice reel is an essential tool for all great actors, and at AdDiction Media you will get a highly trained engineer to record with, in a warm and friendly atmosphere, all for a reasonable price.


Our professional engineers have at least 10 years experience in sound engineering, as well as being academically and technically trained to Masters level. We also are professional musicians and completely understand the importance of having to stand out in a highly competitive field. This professional experience and passion enables us to cleanly record your voice reels, and also have an ear to correctly source and place music and/or sound effects, to really showcase your talent.


We have constructed a professional, acoustically treated recording booth, equipped with microphones ranging from Neumann to Sontronics, to ensure clean and professional sounding voice recordings. 

We can provide scripts, or you can bring your own. The session is usually 1 hour, depending on length/number of script(s). Within a week of the recording date, you will receive a professionally cleaned up voicereel recording, with optional added FX and music, of 2-5 minutes in length of your work, in the format(s) of you choice.


We also have the flexibility to record something longer if required, as well as having a recording booth equipped to record up to three actors simultaneously, the price of which can be negotiated by getting in touch. 


Click 'Get in Touch' below and give us more info on what you require, and we'll reply promptly with information and a quote.

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