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Property Production

At AdDiction Media, we provide high quality property photographs and 4K/HD video walkthroughs to estate agents, private sellers, letting agents, and Air B'n'B hosts. 

The property walkthrough video has become an essential tool for property sales in the digital age, providing the customer with an engaging way to highlight the space and flow of the respective property. Video is also the most engaging medium for online browsing, increasing your ranking on google search, and exposure on apps such as Instagram and Facebook. This generates a lot more interest, and more importantly, interest from customers with serious intent, saving you wasted time. 

There are many ways that we can help show your property in the best possible way. With the integrated service of both photography and video, all work completed in consultation with AdDiction Media will be of a consistent high standard. As we operate from a professional recording studio, we have facilities to offer additional extras such as voiceover and sound effects on top of our basic packages.

With every video walkthrough from AdDiction Media, the main video will be cut in-sync with music. Also, we have the editing skills to incorporate different graphics to make the videos different and more informative and engaging. We also provide separate videos for each individual room of the property.

Each package features the property video walkthrough as a standard, with optional extras, and discounts available when using our service for multiple properties. 


Basic Property Package - £100-150 (depending on size of property)

Includes: 1x Property walkthrough video (60-90 seconds usually, synchronised to music), 15 photographs, and separate panned videos of featured rooms. 

Advanced Property Package - £200 

 Includes: 1x Property walkthrough video (60-90 seconds usually, synchronised to music), 15 photographs, separate panned videos of featured rooms, video compilation of attractions nearby, and advanced editing such as the floorplan incorporated in the property walkthrough video.    

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