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Record A Song

At AdDiction Media, we have built a professional recording booth, and with over 10 years experience as studio recording engineers we can provide a unique experience.


We're offering you, or a loved one, the chance to come in and record a song of your choice, and we'll mix and master the recording, and present the final song on CD with a personalised album cover, as well as the song in the format(s) of your choice. (.wav, .mp3)

We can accommodate an acoustic guitar or similar sized instrument if you want to play an instrument as well as sing. We can also provide a backing track if you only wish to sing. The recording session will last 1 hour, with an optional 15 minute warm-up beforehand. ​

This is a great, unique gift to either give to a

loved one, or record yourself. What is included: 

-15min warm-up with vocal coach.


- 1 hour recording session.


-the final recording mixed and 


mastered by a professional audio engineer.

-personalised album cover for your CD.

- recording sent to you for easy, digital download.

Click 'Get in Touch' below to find out more information, and we can also answer any questions.

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