Special Offers

Record a Song



-15min warm-up with vocal




- 1 hour recording session.


-the final recording mixed and


mastered by a professional


audio engineer.

-personalised album cover for


your CD.

- recording sent to you for


easy, digital download.

At AdDiction Media, we have built a professional recording booth, and with over 10 years experience as studio recording engineers we can provide a unique experience.


We're offering you, or a loved one, the chance to come in and record a song of your choice, and we'll mix and master the recording, and present the final song on CD with a personalised album cover, as well as the song in the format(s) of your choice. (wav., mp3)

We can accommodate an acoustic guitar or similar sized instrument if you want to play an instrument as well as sing. We can also provide a backing track if you only wish to sing. The recording session will last 1 hour, with a 15 minute warm-up beforehand. 

This is a great, unique gift to either give to a loved one, or record yourself.


We accept Paypal, Bank Transfer, and cash as payment for the gift card/recording experience.

Click 'Get in Touch' to order a gift card or book a session in the studio.

Voicereel and Showreel

Combo Package


- 90 minute recording session for the Voicereel.

- 2 hour shoot for the Showreel scene.

-Both professionally treated in post production.

- Sent in the format(s) of your choice.

- Consultation sessions for both Showreel and Voicereel will be provided beforehand.

Narration Example - Voicereel
00:00 / 00:00

Voicereels and Showreels are vital for all actors now in the digital age. For a limited time over the holiday, we are offering the chance to purchase a gift card to get them both professionally produced by the team at AdDiction Media for a huge saving. This is perfect for aspiring actors as well as active actors looking to update their work.

For the Showreel, we will write a custom scene for you, or you can write your own, to perform. We provide a professional cameraman and sound recordist, and a large studio space if required. This will then be treated in post production and ready for use, sent in the format(s) of your choice.

For the Voicereel, we will prepare 3 scripts for you to record at the studio, in our professional recording booth alongside our highly trained sound engineer. With sound effects and music added in post production, as well as the voice recording professionally cleaned and mastered. This will also be sent in the format(s) of your choice. 

This is a unique gift to give to a loved one with a passion for acting or to buy for yourself. We can also create a custom gift card.

Click 'Get in Touch' and we'll be happy to arrange the package, or answer any questions. 

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