Showreel Editing Service

At AdDiction Media, we understand an actor’s need for a professional showreel. These are essential for many first auditions now in the digital age. 


Along with our Showreel Production Service, we offer the service of creating a showreel of your existing material, or updating an older showreel. 


With an initial consultation session, we will plan the composition of your showreel. This includes reviewing your material, choosing the show order, your choice of a wide variety of beginning and end credits, addition of music/sound effects if required, as well as other compositional needs. 


We can improve the sound quality of existing material if required, as well as being able to edit the footage to further highlight your performance. 


Once this is completed, you will receive your industry standard, professional showreel in the format(s) of your choice, within 3 days of the consultation session. Also with the option of one re-edit free of charge. 


Showreel Editing Service - £80 (up to 6 minutes of performance content).


Get in touch to find out more and book a session.

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