Advert production

Walthrough for the Reform Clinic

At AdDiction Media, we offer the service to make video and radio adverts for businesses and institutions of all sizes.

Video is a great way to engage with potential clients and customers in the digital age. From a simple walkthrough so customers can find your business, to more detailed product videos, we can do it all.


These videos create an online presence for your business/institute, taking advantage of the advertising and marketing possibilities Instagram and Facebook offer, as well as boosting the Google SEO ranking of your website through the inclusion of video. 

We shoot in 4K and HD to give our customers the most detailed, professional video available. We also have the facilities to add voiceover with our acoustically treated sound booth in the studio.


As each client has different needs, the cost for our service is negotiated once you get in touch. Below is the price range for our packages to give you an indication of the cost. If you require a shorter/longer length of video then the price will be adjusted accordingly, so get in touch to get an accurate quote.


Video walkthrough of business - £175-200

(This includes a 60-90 second 4K/HD video synchronised to music, either showing customer how to find you or how to find a certain section of your business)


Video of product/service - £200-300

(This includes a 1 minute-3 minute 4K/HD video synchronised to music, two smaller 30 second videos of the same product/service synchronised to music.   

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